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  • Mobility


  • AI
  • Data Analytics - Big Data
  • IoT
  • Web or Mobile Application

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  • B2C

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  • Angel


Carge is an eMSP (e-Mobility Service Provider) that unifies all charging station networks across Europe, by using smart algorithms for grid balancing. The app was recently launched as Beta in Greece & Romania. We compete in the growing e-mobility market, which last year was a hundred fifty billion value.

Solution & Product

Before Carge, EV (Electric Vehicle) drivers had to download multiple applications, register separately and pay a fixed amount in advance, due to network exclusivity. Whenever they wanted to charge their car, they had to open each charge point operator's application and find the nearest station. This makes the customer experience cumbersome. Carge app helps EV drivers to:

  • seek charging stations
  • book a charge point
  • navigate to the optimal path
  • enable/disable charging session
  • pay with e-wallet

The app has also round-the-clock support in 4 languages, which minimizes impact on drivers and delivers peace of mind while detecting remotely any technical/operational issue.

Innovation & Scalability

Carge is the first e-Mobility Service Provider in the world that optimizes the energy consumption spikes and runs custom-built smart algorithms to use the remaining power capacity for grid balancing. This helps Electricity Providers balance the power distribution and act friendly to the environment.

The transaction-driven business model along with the advanced smart energy solution is already being used by eight mobility partners in Europe. We plan to expand to nine more countries within the next five years.

Traction & achievements

Although Carge is operationally active for less than a year, we have managed to cooperate with multiple leading mobility partners in Germany, France, and Finland so as to get access to 200.000+ charging points in 8+ countries.

That said, we are able to provide a map with plenty of fully active charging stations to 140 EV drivers who became our Beta testers.

Team & Why Us

We are a diverse team with longstanding relations. The two co-founders have been working together for more than 3 years in another successful startup. Therefore, they decided to build something new related to the e-mobility market which will have a 19% compound annual growth rate by 2030 (automotive software and integration services).

  • Eleftherios Karabatsakis (Co-Founder & Managing Partner):
    7y experience in e-commerce, logistics, partnerships, customer support, and operations.
    3x tech/startup event organizer
  • Peter Benos (Co-Founder & Director of Engineering):
    10y experience in mobile apps, web apps, complex cloud infrastructure design/implementation, and software architecture.
    3y tech team leader

We aim to become the largest eMSP in SE Europe by 2025, with an outstanding team of 55 FTEs.

Funding Needs

Carge is going to fundraise a Seed Round in Q3 2021.


Carge is a MaaS app that helps EV drivers seek, book & use charging stations, throughout Europe.


Eleftherios Karabatsakis
Eleftherios Karabatsakis, CoFounder
Peter Benos
Peter Benos, CoFounder


2020 - Pre Seed, Angel EUR 165K, Angel Investors



2021 - [Gold] Mobility Awards / Innovation & Convenience | EV Charging
2021 - EU-Startups Summit / Top 15 early-stage
2020 - The Startup Pill