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Although the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea are a very important natural heritage and a very sensitive ecosystem, but also a pole of attraction for millions of tourists, unfortunately until today, no well-structured effort has been made towards their sustainable management, resulting in diverse and extremely important environmental, economic and social consequences. Consequences such as habitat destruction and biodiversity loss, coastal pollution, non-existent sustainable waste management, as well as, inadequate and poorly maintained infrastructure - such as toilets and changing rooms - are the norm on many beaches. Additionally, inaccessible access for people with kinetic problems and finally, the exceeding of the bearing capacity of the beaches, contribute to the immediate degradation of the coastal zone, while they are a brake on the environmental, social, and economic development of the wider coastal area, contributing to its future degradation. “Certification Standard for Sustainable Management and Development of the Mediterranean Beaches – Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches”, is an innovative certification standard based on specific indicators through the effect of which the sustainable management and development of each beach (public or “privately” exploited) may be achieved in an objective manner. It can be applied to all the Mediterranean beaches.

Solution & Product

The Costa Nostrum protocol is a dynamic system that incorporates suggestions and good practices on the sustainable development and management of the beach, based its unique characteristics. The protocol consists of three main pillars. Firstly, the initial study of each beach and its evaluation - certification. The study includes proposals for the sustainable development and management of each beach based on its capabilities, infrastructure, and characteristics (natural and artificial). The second pillar, is the evaluation of the beach, with 39 criteria - indicators, the rating of the beach from 40 to 100 points, and finally, the categorization of the beach based on the scale of 1-4 seahorses. 40 points (corresponding to 10 indicators and 1 hippocampus) is the minimum score that a beach must achieve in order to be certified as Costa Nostrum - Sustainable Beach. Through the annual re-certification process, there is the possibility of upgrading the services of the beach and its characteristics and therefore its overall score, aiming at a maximum of 100 points and 4 seahorses. The third and final pillar of the model is the global promotion of the certified beach.

Innovation & Scalability

A similar standard for the sustainable management, development, certification, and promotion of beaches does NOT exist globally. The protocol came up after 4 years of global literature review combined with our deep knowledge about sustainability. It will be the first digital sustainable certificate using blockchain technology in order to solve the problem of counterfeiting certificates and to eliminate the need for the existence of an intermediate "trust" principle such as the auditor. Our protocol seeks to achieve the sustainable development of both the beaches and the wider area. We seek to prevent environmental causes, instead of "curing" them. It is a dynamic constantly upgrading system that can incorporate solutions and good practices, depending on the needs and characteristics of each beach. Aiming at all beaches (organized and non-organized), with objective classification and categorization. The bathers can take part in the evaluation (nonstop questionnaire survey) of the model itself and its correct implementation. It takes into account the carrying capacity of each beach and allows its annual scoring upgrade. It creates an experiential two-way link between the bather and the beach and a very personalized tourist experience. It gives practical beach management tools to beach managers and a healthy competitive environment is created. The bathers could choose a beach that meets their requirements and is fully informed about all its features.

Traction & achievements

9 municipal beaches and 3 hotel beaches, have been certified. A new one, is under certification procedure. In 2017 we received the Treasures of Greek Tourism award. In 2018, MoU with ASSONAUTICA ITALIANA for the certification of Italian beaches. In 2019 the protocol was presented at the Blue Invest in Mediterranean 2019 event, organized by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. In 2019 we were awarded the 1st prize at the International Competition MEDITERRANEAN HERITAGE OF HUMANITY in Italy. In 2019 we selected by the Region of Crete and ELKETHE as "Good Practice" in the European programs BLUEISLANDS and MISTRAL. In 2020 we distinguished at the Greek Business Awards for the Environment, and we participated in the final phase of the respective European competition. In 2021, we were selected by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry to launch, with cooperation with them, a crowdfunding campaign. We have participated in 3 incubator programs, EGG, Prototype by TEE, and CapsuleT.

Team & Why Us

Vassilis Zisimopoulos (CEO - Founder) is a Mechanical Engineer, holding 2 MScs degrees and with 15 years of experience in sustainable development. Athena Kypriotaki (co-founder), 2MScs, PR manager of the company with 15 years of experience. Victor Koumantakis is the marketing and social media expert of the company, with 20 years of experience in journalism and marketing. Finally, Costa Nostrum collaborates with a number of external partners in several Mediterranean countries and in a variety of subjects, such as scientists, wood craftsmen, photographers and cameramen, graphic designers and more. Through our external partners in several Mediterranean countries, we have the ability to reach our future clients and to make B2B meetings with them. With the use of blockchain technology, in the very near future, we will have the ability to reach at no time and with no extra cost all the coastal municipalities and hotels all over the Mediterranean Sea, in order for our protocol to be implemented and their beaches to be certified as Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches. We aim to fill a large gap in the preservation, protection, and upgrade of both the environment and the services provided within the coastal zone. It is a completely "virgin" market, but it is predicted to have rapid growth in the near future, since both European policies (eg Blue Economy) aim at highlighting and protecting the coastal front of each region, and the tourists seek more greener - sustainable destinations.

Funding Needs

About 200.000 Euros for Marketing campaigns all over the Mediterranean countries and salaries of new full-time highly equipped employees.


Promotion & implementation of the private certification standard Costa Nostrum Sustainable Beaches


Athina Kypriotaki
Athina Kypriotaki, CoFounder
Victor Koumantakis
Victor Koumantakis, CMO
Vassilis Zissimopoulos
Vassilis Zissimopoulos, Founder


2019 - Series A, Loan / Investment Bank EUR 50K, Eurobank Private Bank



2019 - Funding Mediterranean Heritage of Humanity - International Award
2017 - Services Treasures of Greek Tourism
2015 - Services The Hellenic Iniative - Egg by Eurobank


2020 - Program CapsuleT - by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
2017 - Program Prototype by TEE - Technical Chamber of Greece
2015 - Program EGG by Eurobank Private Bank