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  • AI
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  • B2B

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  • Subscription

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We all know that the online food delivery market is flourishing nowadays. So what is the problem? The current status is that a local business has to participate in online platforms that are called aggregators in order to be able to receive online orders from its customers. But the fact is that for each online order the store has to pay a commission from 10% to 45%. This situation has created the need for the local store to create a new sales channel for their online customers without the burden of those online commissions. This new sales channel is exactly what we can offer to every store with our services. The local business can now quickly and easily have its own branded online ordering system, that consists of 3 Apps (Web, Android, iOS). Moreover, the business will have control over its clients as it will be able to enable and run automatic loyalty and rewarding systems based on AI technology.

Solution & Product

In Delivery Manager IKE, we decided to fulfill those exact needs for these local businesses. But we needed an innovative system in order to be able to do it effectively and fast. Our first goal was to create our main service which is the online ordering system. This system consists of 3 parts. The Web App, the Android App and the iOS App. All three are individual online ordering apps that are branded specifically for each store. So we created a service that makes it possible for a local store owner to avoid paying large amounts of money in commissions, by providing an alternative way of online ordering to its customers. Our second goal was to meet the need for marketing tools and loyalty systems. From the first day and from our early adopters, we had requests to create effective and automatic online rewarding systems. But of course we took it a bit further. We created automatic marketing tools based on artificial intelligence technology.

Innovation & Scalability

In order to make our business concept work we had to create and adapt real innovations and cutting-edge technologies but also think outside of the box. Our innovative solutions: - We created an automatic cloud system that makes it possible to build, submit and also update the mobile apps Android / iOS automatically and simultaneously, like if it was a single app. - We created an automatic system that produces the digital online catalog of a store with just a click in under 30 minutes. The technology is based on data mining, cloud ocr and machine learning. - We created an AI rewarding system that automatically defines rewards for the customer based on their consumer profile and preferences. This marketing system is one of the main reasons our customers prefer us over the competition. Our AI system takes into account factors like products, visits, images, orders, length of stay, length of sight, online payments, offers, promotions, etc and produces a result that will be used to make the best reward for the customer in order to accomplish sales and retention.

Traction & achievements

Our first milestone was to create the MVP and bring it to the market as soon as possible in order to start getting real feedback from our customers and the actual end users of our systems, so that we would be able to craft our services. We have managed to create over 120 mobile apps (Android & iOS) from the launch of our startup. We have also managed to have more than 40000 unique and registered end users and have more than 150000 online orders. Another milestone was to adapt all the innovations in our system, that would help us overcome the classic boundaries that a normal business would have and create a really innovative business model using cutting-edge technologies, that would help us grow fast! The last milestone was to start offering our services in other countries in Europe. We already have customers in the UK and in Germany, but we need to make things progress faster, by creating a distribution network.

Team & Why Us

Our team has 2 founding members and 4 employees. The CEO of the company is Anestis Domvris. Anestis is 34 years old and he is an Electrical & Computer Engineer that graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He continued his studies in Business Administration (MBA). Right now his role in the company is to manage the company and also to coordinate the team of software engineers. The co-founder and CFO of the company is Dimitrios Giannos. Dimitris is 44 years old and is a graduate in Information Technology from the University of Bologna, Italy. He has many years of experience as a director of IT companies. His role in Delivery Manager IKE, is to coordinate the finances, the sales and the product. Right now our team has 4 employees. In 2021 we plan to expand our team.

Funding Needs

We seek funding to help us grow faster in Greece and abroad.


Autonomous online ordering system with marketing tools.


Dimitrios Giannos
Dimitrios Giannos, CFO






THESSALONIKI - Full Time Junior Frontend Developer