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Depia Automations applies all modern software technologies, electronics and robotics in order to improve the health and quality of life of the elderly. Although longevity is an important attainment of modern societies, the cost of unsuccessful ageing is important both on social provision systems and on individual level. Therefore of great importance is what interventions can support successful ageing and enhance the quality of life and wellbeing. On the other hand, ageing has a detrimental effect on posture stability which is related to a high risk of falling. Falls have considerable consequences on the ageing population, including the development of the feeling of a fear of falling, which can affect their behavior in terms of activity avoidance and their overall well-being. Moreover, according to studies, 5-20% of the falls have serious consequences including major head injuries, fractures and in worst cases immobility or death.

Solution & Product

Depia Automations has developed a new exergaming platform suitable for older adults by incorporating innovative features. In addition to the creation of a new product and innovative exergames, a measurable goal of this project is to demonstrate a statistically significant difference between control and intervention groups in terms of fall prediction indicators, as well as fitness (walking, strength, and balance) and cognitive level parameters.

Innovation & Scalability

We develop a new exergaming platform suitable for older adults by incorporating innovative features that are not provided by any of the existing commercial or research systems. The objectives of the project are: – The design and construction of a robotic tile template. Such tiles can be used for assembling smart floors of various dimensions to build a standalone platform for game deployment targeting motor and cognitive enhancement. – The design of exergames suitable for older adults following the user-centered design principles involving all stakeholders (elderly, medical experts, system engineers) in all phases of the development. – The combination of different technologies in game development to support multimodal interactions (voice, gestures, movement, touch) improving the physical and cognitive ability of the elderly in a way that is easy to use, promotes engagement, and enhances user autonomy. – The integration into the game mechanics of tests such as the Choice Step Reaction Time test that has been proven to dependably predict falls in seniors thus giving the platform a diagnostic perspective. – The evaluation of the gaming platform on three axes (motor, cognitive & technological) with a sample of 60 elderly using a randomized controlled trial and applying validated tests/scales. – The use of machine learning algorithms to analyze the data collected in the pilot study.

Traction & achievements

Our goal is for everybody to have access to our tools, machines and software so that they can improve their mental, physical and mental health through our interactive environment. We participate in research programs: 1.GAME2AWE, 400.000€ 2.Digital Twins, 10.000€ We design the new improved machines and games which will be implemented at the beginning of 2022 in our new facilities. Our team consisting of: 1.doctoral trainers 2.psychologists 3.doctors 4.directors 5.copywriters 6.mechanical engineers 7.electricians 8.electronic engineers developers

Team & Why Us

Depia Automations brings together different professional sectors that are complementary with respect to achieving its mission. The founders's more than 24 years of experience next to experienced executives meet the market needs forming a group that can spearhead the exergaming applications. We have the technological capability and completeness required to succeed. Our full-time team was created specifically to solve the project we envision. Together we cover all the scientific, mechanical and technical aspects of our project. We have experience in project management and human resources. The techniques we use on software and electronics are of a high standard by experienced engineers. We share common values, vision and passion for innovation and helping society with our products

Funding Needs

Our leading team is seeking an investment of close to 3 million euros, which aims to accelerate and upgrade gaming technologies as well as complete the relocation and implementation of the mass production phase. This investment will help our team to complete, commercialize our solution, to promote it in the market as well as to create the mass production line.


Software-Gaming development, Robotics-Automation-Machinery design and innovative constructions


Iraklis Ioannidis
Iraklis Ioannidis, Founder
Dimitris Gklavakis
Dimitris Gklavakis, Founder
Michalis Chartomatsidis
Michalis Chartomatsidis, CTO
Petros Kitsaras
Petros Kitsaras, CTO
Monica Rovoli
Monica Rovoli, CFO
Tolis Tsirogrannidis
Tolis Tsirogrannidis, COO
Pantelis Stavre
Pantelis Stavre, CTO
Vasilis Kalaitzidis
Vasilis Kalaitzidis, CTO
Dimitris Raptis
Dimitris Raptis, CTO
Dimitris Liakopoulos
Dimitris Liakopoulos, Other
Thanasis Tsatsanias
Thanasis Tsatsanias, Other
Konstantinos Pakas
Konstantinos Pakas, Other
Vasilis Gymnopoulos
Vasilis Gymnopoulos, Other
Maria Papadopoulou
Maria Papadopoulou, Other
Nikos Sdrafkakis
Nikos Sdrafkakis, Other
Athina Ioannidou
Athina Ioannidou, Other
Vaggelis Tsaoulis
Vaggelis Tsaoulis, Other