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The challenge we are dealing with effectively, concerns the computerized monitoring (receipt, identification, recording, inspection, sorting, and distribution) of accommodation units’ bedding and clothing that are to be cleaned and disinfected from their receipt to their delivery by laundry services. Some of the problems we solve: Elimination of deviations in the quantities counted upon collection and distribution. Accurate counting of imported items and control in every phase of the cleaning process. Increase in cleaning production rate. 99% reduction of management errors. Damage and deficiencies control. Identification of and distinction between the items’ quantities owned by the customer and those in lease. Identification of items per customer and user. Calculation of stock requirements per operating period. Optimization of distributions and deliveries. Customers are informed in real time and accurately.

Solution & Product

Computerised management and monitoring of the bed linen, linen and clothing to be cleaned through the integrated software suite "Result Business Industrial Laundry" ERP / WMS, specially designed for industrial laundry services. The software suite is designed to run in modules that can be purchased separately and can be tailored to customer needs. The sections of the application include: • Result Business C.R.M. - E.R.P. Basic commercial and accounting software platform. • Industrial Laundry Production Services Management of production process. Monitoring production machines and auxiliary devices with interactive touch screens. • Items Automation Counting System (RFID tag) Automatic input-output counting system with RFID technology and equipment. • Result Business Collecting and Delivery Collection, counting and distribution system with mobile devices at the customer's place. The system is also supported by applications such as device drivers, Customer Reporting Web Interface etc

Innovation & Scalability

The innovation of "Result Business Industrial Laundry" is based on the use of ERP / WMS Cloud & On premises software suite. It is especially designed for industrial laundry services, incorporates RFID technologies and can be interconnected with interactive touch screens at all stages. The product is a pioneering integrated software system for automatic counting identification and monitoring of fabrics at all stages. What differentiates the "Result Business Industrial Laundry" software suite from existing competition is the capacity to: 1. Monitor in detail the imported and exported items in all sections of production: washing machines, dryers, ironing machines, folding machines and packing plants. 2. Manage both items owned by the customer as well as those that the customer leases from third parties. 3. Be interconnected with RFID equipment and provide complete automated processes at all stages. In the coming years, a further increase of the tourist sector is anticipated along with an increase in the industry’s needs in terms of workload and quality standards. In addition, escalation of cleaning services is expected in the new structures and accommodation centres for immigrants in Greece and in Europe. Therefore, there is a large growth potential in Mediterranean countries with a high share in the tourism industry.

Traction & achievements

30% Sales turnover increase in 2020 compared to 2019 and 51% in the last three years. 33% increase of software licenses in 2020, compared to 2019 and by 53% in the last 3 years. 2017: Creation of a new website aiming to strengthen the recognition of our brand name products and services. 2018: Establishment of an independent Research and Development department in order to enhance product specialization and further development. 2018: Design of a new commercial and pricing policy including discounts for loyal customers. 2019: Development of the distribution network (Forward Integration) of the domestic market by concluding attractive resale agreements. 2019: Implementation of support procedures, including routing of calls and automatic functions through the VoIP Call Centre as well as expansion of the existing Web based support application. 2020: Recruitment of 2 additional employees, to fill new positions of scientific staff. 2020: Establishment of a branch in Athens.

Team & Why Us

Our team strategy is to further expand our business model of distribution and revenue through: •Subscription fees •Sales of licenses •SLAs maintenance and support contracts •Sales of servers, computer networks, peripherals and RFID equipment •Sales through resellers and partners •Installations of servers, computer networks, peripherals and RFID equipment •Maintenance, repair and equipment replacement services •Project planning and implementation services •Data migration services •Sales of vertical solutions subsystems for various other business activities of the customer Our Competitive Advantages include: •No current competition in Greece •Only a few competitors operating in Europe •Ownership of existing know-how experience •High Return of Investment •Low operating costs •Product of high added value

Funding Needs

We are looking for investors to finance further development and integrated marketing of our product. More specifically we need funds to cover the following expenses: 1. Research & Development team payroll 2. Cloud infrastructure & software tools technology costs 3. Demonstration room (purchase of electronic equipment, hardware and peripherals) 4. Marketing & promotion costs, advertising expenses 5. Exhibitions and presentations participation costs 6. Sales network development costs According to our analysis the total required funding cost in order to meet the above needs is € 250K


Dynasoft is an IT company whose main activity is the production and marketing of business software


Stamatis  Motsakos
Stamatis Motsakos, COO
Yiannis  Kalaitzakis
Yiannis Kalaitzakis, Other
Paris Frantzolakis
Paris Frantzolakis, CTO
Maria  Bouzi
Maria Bouzi, CMO
Marina  Giakoumaki
Marina Giakoumaki, HR
Yiannis Motsakos
Yiannis Motsakos, CEO