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ICT presents unprecedented opportunities to empower sectors such as agricutlure, logistics and envirvonment by optimizing their processes and strengthening the added value of their products. Despite these opportunities, it is worthwhile reinforcing the fact that there is no single, best ICT solution for all circumstances. Also, although we often use the phrase ‘ICT solution’, technology is not the solution on its own, but rather a tool that can be used to help you better achieve your objectives. EfB's experience is based on the implementation of integrated technology and research & development projects, and ICT applications. This means that EfB through its flexibility and continuous research and dedicated work with up-to-date technology can provide turn-key, customized solutions covering the full spectrum of business/project requirements including innovative ICT applications, systems engineering, digital product development, management, and consulting services.

Solution & Product

We combine ICT products and services with the strategic development of entrepreneurship and the overall support of our customers via the implementation of cutting-edge and personalised solutions. EfB specialises in 3 key fields for the creation and implementation of its ICT products and services: Primary Production, Logistics, Environment. Primary Production: EfB develops innovative and integrated management applications and support systems that enable real-time monitoring, optimised automated systems operation, allow computational analysis, ensure quality management, and apply simulation models that contribute to management optimisation and prevent any risks or adverse effects. Logistics: EfB develops innovative applications and integrated systems for the optimum management and coordination of transport and storage processes. Environment: EfB develops environmental engineering and ICT systems, as well as integrated sustainability management systems.

Innovation & Scalability

Given the rapidly grown market of ICT advanced products globally, EfB solutions can provide a competitive option for customers. However, unfortunate circumstances (such as the pandemic shown up during 2020 or an economic crisis) can act as an obstancle to company's growth. During the last years the company is participating in several national and international R&D project expanding and strengthening its technology and product portfolio to provide advanced ICT products in primary production, logistics and environment covering the requirements for sustainability and circular production and manufacturing.

Traction & achievements

The participation of EfB in HORIZON R&D projects constitutes a major step towards implementing its product development strategy and expanding its network of collaborators and potential customers for its solutions. Furthmore the company takes over several smaller technical/technology projects and has established its solutions in the market which is considerered as a second milestone.

Team & Why Us

EfB’s team consists of highly trained and fully qualified professionals, who engage in the extensive fields of research, creation, implementation and management. Considering research and strategy, data and parameters analysis, development and implementation of our ICT products, and analysis of each project conclusion, these are some of the exclusive fields of EfB’s staff engagement. Nevertheless, Engineers for Business collaborates with a wide network of specialised, post-doctoral scientists, by creating interdisciplinary working groups, always in line with the specific needs of the projects we undertake. EfB through its shareholders and its participation in R&D projects holds an extensive network of international and national collaborators/partners which can potentially turn into customers, provided the spreading of smart ICT solutions throughout the economy. EfB builds its technology and products portfolio so as to be ready to catch up with digital trnaformation needs in primary production, logistics and environment sectors by providing advanced customized solutions.

Funding Needs

EfB's main funding sources include EC and national R&D projects, subscription fees for using its software, and smaller or bigger technological projects. The company needs funding to exploit its considerable technological capital in Primary Production, Logistics, Environment and further develop its ICT solutions towards growing its business activities. The global digital transformation market size had a value of $284.38 billion in 2019 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.5% between 2020 and 2027 (source: Grand View Research). Also, the Smart Agriculture market is estimated to be worth USD 13.7 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 22.0 billion by 2025 and the market size of Digital Logistics is to grow from USD 17.4 billion in 2020 to USD 46.5 billion by 2025 (source: MarketAndMarkets). Furthermore, the global Green Technology and Sustainability market size is to grow from USD 11.2 billion in 2020 to USD 36.6 billion by 2025 (source: MarketAndMarkets). Given the support from investors, EfB can reach the global technology market through its advaced solutions utilizing the increasing awareness related to environmental concerns and the growing consumer and industrial interest for the use of green technologies and sustainable solutions and services in the market as well as the advantages of digitalization which enables large amounts of information to be stored, exchanged, analyzed, communicated, and visualized.


We create advanced ICT products and services for Primary Production, Logistics and Environment


Christos Koidis
Christos Koidis, COO
Athanasios Bantsos
Athanasios Bantsos, CTO