GX BLOCKS ENERGY S.A. Athens, Greece

Company Website: https://www.gxblocks.com

Company Email: compliance@gxblocks.net

Employees: 7

Funding State: Seed


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Business Model

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GX Blocks Energy is a blockchain company that specializes in RES and Data Centers operation aims to bring in the fintech field a new hybrid class of sustainable energy/ blockchain products. We are eliciting a new hybrid blockchain platform in the space, creating an easy to use & secure environment for the users that at the same time improves costs and transparency significantly. The main focus for GX Blocks is to provide access to blockchain products and digital financial services to the public using a structure that enables its clients to combine traditional financial assets with digital assets. Business Model: By combining renewable energy sources with blockchain data centers we create the blockchain application more sustainable at a lower cost, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions of the total network. GX Blocks Proprietary operations & software will give technological and financial solutions for the expansion of our services in the enterprise energy & financial sectors.

Solution & Product

GX Blocks Milestones: The company is targeting In 2 different sectors as Energy & Financial Services. using blockchain technologies. Already we have developed services in both sector and served our early clients. Blockchain Energy Solutions Accomplished - Autonomous Renewable Energy Sources: Completed 5 different research cases on RES/ Clean energy sources combined with data center operations from February 2020. On progress - Mobile Data Center Container: A solution ready for “plug-and-play” deployment at any RES/ Clean energy source. Planned - Energy Smart Contracts: Energy Balancing, Asset Transparency, Asset Management & Operations, ESG Certificates. Blockchain Digital Asset/ Custody Services Accomplished - OTC & Escrow Services: Cryptocurrency Over-The-Counter (OTC) Service & Escrow Digital Payment Solution. Accomplished - Custom Cloud Computing Contracts for Blockchain Applications: Custom leasing contracts, enterprise-class cloud services, O&M Services. On progress - TBA

Innovation & Scalability

Focus: Industry 4.0 Infrastructure, Business Intelligence Management, Blockchain Applications, and Energy Efficiency Our strategy includes the usage of low-cost power from existing Clean Energy sources and from dedicated Hybrid Battery Power Plants. We increase the efficiency and profitability of the operations by implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. (eg. immersion cooling methods). The features of I.O.T. enable us to monitor and analyze the data in real-time to make faster and more accurate decisions. Also by leveraging the blockchain technologies and GX Blocks operations we are able to elicit new Smart Contracts for the Energy & Fintech Sector. Energy Dapps and Blockchain Tools We have identified at least 6 use cases for energy blockchain apps that can increase the growth/efficiency and transparency of the GX Blocks solutions for future product releases. Traditional finance is turning its attention to sustainability, with innovative advances from fintech, including blockchain, which is well-positioned to be at the forefront of global finance’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

Traction & achievements

GX Blocks_Accomplishments 2019 MIT Enterprise Forum - Finalist (Energy & Mobility) ‘Hybrid Clean Energy Plants’. 2020 July EUvsVirus Hackathon ‘Digital Identity Management Solution’ based on R3 Corda Smart Contracts. 2021 Startups EU Top 10 Promising Greek Startups: https://www.eu-startups.com/2021/01/10-promising-greece-based-startups-to-watch-in-2021/ Track History/ Tests (2019-2021) 1. 2019 (September): Datacenter management operations from 2019 located in Headquarters and hosting services from 2020. 2. 2019 (September): Creation of Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) of ‘’GX Blocks’’ Platform. MVP version includes monitoring features for the operations of Renewable Energy and Mining combined with smart meters and other IoT devices. Cloud-based web platform successfully deployed in Amazon Cloud AWS. 5. 2020 (September): Swap company to Societe Anonyme (S.A.) to be compliant with new regulations 6. 2021 (February): Technical research for hybrid battery infrastructure from Projects EMEA ‘Tesla’ Holland. Support from the Technical team to develop the infrastructure requirements and needs using Tesla Components for our solutions. 7. 2021 (June): Application to Horizon 2021-2027 Program ‘’Green Deal Innovations for the Economic Recovery’’. GX Horizon Project (GX1): ‘’Blockchain Automation on Renewable Energy Systems combined with Modular Mobile Data Centers’’

Team & Why Us

We have established a business model working closely with our team of creative and experienced professionals both in the energy, financial, and blockchain sector. What brought us together, is the potential environmen impact that our business model can have on our planet and the vision that decentralized technologies can change the traditional way of investing in renewable energy projects. Team History Accomplishments (CEO) Theodoros Koukoutsas: Ex-co-founder of a mining hardware(ASIC) company, 8+years of Blockchain experience, team creation, and structure for a blockchain (Q1’ 2018). (CIO) Sakis Michalarakos: Entrepreneur in various industries and advisor for SME companies with 20+ years of experience in Investment Banking for large International and Greek banks. (COO) Ioannis Baxevanos: R&D Director in Industry 4.0, Ph.D. Project ‘’Implementing multiagent systems technology for power distribution network control and protection management’’ (Sales) George Michos: leading a team in the derivatives sales department at a Stock Exchange company, and blockchain expertise from 2015 on digital assets and blockchain. (Legal) Athanasios Leontaris: Instructor for the University of Nicosia in the field of Digital Currency Regulation and associate in the legal consortium “Blockchain Legal Advisory International”. He is also an IRS Acceptance Agent offering TIN services. Board Members: Theodoros Koukoutsas, Emily Filippou (VP), Georgios Michos, Athanasios Leontaris, Yorgos Ioannidis

Funding Needs

We have successfully completed our pre-seed funding round with strategic and financial investors. Aiming for the next round Use of Funds: Grow the Team (8 developers, BD/ Sales, Compliance). Blockchain R&D: Energy & Fintech Applications. Energy Research Cases: ● Asset Transparency: Grid Operations, Monitoring & Measurement, Asset History, Supply Chain. ● Asset Management & Operations: Standardization & automation, Contract Management, Tokenizations. ● Certificate Trading: Emission certificates, Certified renewable energies. KEY INVESTOR INFORMATION This document provides you with GX Blocks Energy S.A. key information about the structure, business model, and solution/product description. It is not marketing material. The information is required to help you understand the nature and risks of using blockchain applications in an emergent market such as the blockchain sector. You are advised to read it so you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with due diligence with GX Blocks Energy S.A.


Blockchain Services | DLT-mining-infrastructure placement directly at clean energy sources.


Georgios Michos
Georgios Michos, Other
Theodoros Koukoutsas
Theodoros Koukoutsas, CEO
Ioannis Baxevanos
Ioannis Baxevanos , COO
Stratos  Fakis
Stratos Fakis, Other
Kyveli  Tzortzaki
Kyveli Tzortzaki, Other
Sakis Michalarakos
Sakis Michalarakos, Other
Clio-Stavroula Digka
Clio-Stavroula Digka, Other


2020 - Pre Seed, Angel EUR 100K, G.M.
2019 - Pre Seed, Other EUR 100K, Dezavou Associates P.C.



2020 - Services EUvsVirus Hackathon
2019 - Services MIT Enterprise Forum Greece - Startup Competition


2019 - Program MIT Enterprise Forum Greece