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HRKIT® is the mobile app that helps companies engage with their employees and lower the turnover while at the same time gives them the ability to interact with company news and announcements, message all levels of management, be part of work groups, educate themselves, receive performance feedback and dozen of other functions. Our difference comes from the fact that when employees DO NOT engage with the apps functions, it gives the HR department the initiative to talk with management leaders and address this at hand. So basically we reinvent the HR communication system and philosophy.

Solution & Product

The fact is that over 85% of employees in major corporations are completed unengaged according to Gallup. Typically, what you see in any company is 15% of the people love their job, 15% are not satisfied for one reason or another. In between, we’ve got 70% of the employees are just doing whatever they need to do in order to get throw the day. That’s a huge waste and in fact it leads to hundreds of billions of dollars in the US and 7 trillion dollars worldwide in loss based on employees doing the bare minimum and probably not satisfying the customers. We can transform this by having the right engagement available at the right time and that means you can reduce the number who are just doing their job to 55% that feel they got that perfect fit and that can transform the way the employees fell about their job and interact with the customers. And this is so well established that projection show in five years from now, companies are expected to spend nearly 2 billion of dollars a year on solutions We developed this to be a completely modular system based on SAAS although we do fully customized white label platforms. The modular system includes internal communications, workgroups, operational productivity, employee engagement, HR management. One Stop Platform. No hidden costs. Less anxiety!

Innovation & Scalability

We’ve been able to establish these benefits in the last couple of years by onboarding over 45 hundred users at 5 countries and 5 languages. And the managers who use us love us. We’ve been proved out productivity dramatically, our turnover of our best people has been reduced. We expect to hit Break Even within two years based on this approach once the scaling starts, our revenue from the platform will grow dramatically although we'll continue doing the custom development because that's how we will develop in new features that we can add into the platform over time.

Traction & achievements

HR KIT® has a presence > in 5 Countries (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey) > 5 Languages > 4.500 Users

Team & Why Us

Our uniqueness comes from deep knowledge and experience on what disengages people and experience on how to strengthen the image of your company. HR KIT® is a product of the people who combine 50 years of experience in communication and technology solutions. With HR KIT® we solved the internal communication problem of IKEA and INTERSPORT in 5 countries and 4.5000 employees. We are here to bring it to the world!

Funding Needs

300.000€ for the 1st year to Sign 50 companies (50 - 2.000 employees) in Greece and Balkans


HRKIT® is the mobile app that helps companies engage with their employees and lower the turnover


Elias Letsios
Elias Letsios, CoFounder
Zoran Pantoulas
Zoran Pantoulas, Other
Georgios Pantoulas
Georgios Pantoulas, Founder




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