Proud Farm Group of Farmers P.C. KOZANI, Greece

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Employees: 5

Funding State: Seed


  • AgriTech / FoodTech


  • AI
  • Cloud Computing
  • IoT
  • Sensors

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Proud Farm group of farmers focuses on young people who want to enter in the dairy sheep and dairy goat sector. Besides, provides a wide variety of training and managing services to existing dairy sheep and goat farmers from the region of Western Macedonia. Additionally, through the research programs that participates, aims to the development of the incubator farms to an important research and development center of new technologies and important knowledge for the reinforcement of the sustainability of the dairy sheep and goat sector in Greece. Fully traceable and high quality dairy products will be produced by the incubator farmers and the cluster developed by the farmers’ incubation, in respect to the environment, animals and society.

Solution & Product

Proud Farm dairy sheep and goat incubator project, is an innovative business model, that aims at the socioeconomic reconstruction of non-metropolitan ex - coal districts of Kozani. Proud Farm project develops a sustainable dairy sheep and goat cluster, by allowing young people, that have lost their jobs due to the transition of our region to lower carbon emissions, to enter in the sector of organic dairy sheep and goat farming with the lowest investment and the minimum risk, through a High Productivity-High Profitability program that provides the appropriate support for a sustainable new dairy sheep and goat operation. Our farming model raises awareness regarding the sustainable intensification of the sector, by promoting high productivity and profitability, with respect to animal welfare and environmental protection. We firmly support the development of family farming and cooperativism, and we build our concept to the strong sense of gratitude, by setting up the Proud Farm Legacy.

Innovation & Scalability

Proud Farm incubator includes a mobile application with all the Standard Operating Procedures, so the hosts in the incubator will have all the information needed for every step they take, and for every situation they meet. An integrated application, connected to their milk tank and their TMR distributors, will give them daily a full report regarding their Income Over the Feed Cost IOFC. An important factor that will raise their awareness regarding profitability and efficient farm management. These two systems are covered by the European Innovation Partnership program. Additionally, a Smart Foraging Mixer, developed by Research & Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization, in collaboration with the University of Western Macedonia, will produce a high quality standardized Total Mixed Ration, for a precision animal feeding and a reduction of the environmental impact of animal feed preparation. Last but not least, a combination of sensors and a decision making system, will provide alerts to the farmers regarding the possibilities of the appearance of specific animal diseases, for the reduction of the use of antibiotics and the maximization of animals’ welfare.

Traction & achievements

Proud Farm has formed and operational group, participating at the European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI). Also participated at the Generation Ag program, in collaboration with the American Farm School, for the provision of free milk recordings to selects dairy sheep farmers. Additionally, has created an educational youtube channel, has participated at the Youth4Farm proposal, is also a member of the InoFA (Internet of Food Alliance) Cluster and the inspirer and manager of the Proud Life Innitiative, that provides job and shelter in selected dairy farms, for homeless people. Last but not least, Proud Farm has created the first nonprofit energy community in Western Macedonia. For its contribution, Proud Farm was awarded with the first prize of the Venture Impact Awards, organized by the Hellenic Initiative.

Team & Why Us

Proud Farm's team has a long experience on dairy farming and agricultural production, with an educational background (MSc) on IT and Artificial Intelligence and a strong network of collaborators worldwide.

Funding Needs

Our funding needs will cover the further development and distribution of our IoT system for the daily calculation of the farmers Income Over the Feed Cost.


Innovative business models for the sustainable intensification of dairy sheep sector.






2020 - Funding The Hellenic Innitiative


2018 - Program Orange Grove