Company Website: https://www.tendertec.eu

Company Email: contact@tendertec.eu

Employees: 6

Funding State: Pre-Seed


  • Life Sciences (MedTech, HealthTech, BioTech)


  • AI
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics - Big Data
  • Diagnostic/Imaging
  • Hardware
  • IoT
  • Other
  • Sensors
  • Software

Business Model

  • B2B
  • B2B2C
  • B2G

Revenue Model

  • Licencing
  • Marketplace/Brokerage
  • Price per Item
  • Subscription

Funding Sources

  • Grant
  • Self
  • VC


Our world is ageing. Europe is home to 100 million older adults aged 65+. Older people are the biggest consumers of social and health care, 1 in 3 live alone and 2 in 5 have long term conditions. As 177 million baby boomers are heading towards retirement by 2036, the existing shortage of qualified carers is growing. If we do not improve access to quality at-home long-term care and cost-effective silver services, elders might live longer but they won't be living well.

Tendertec’s vision is to transform the paradigm of how care for the vulnerable and elderly is delivered in any setting - a house, a care home at the city or in a village. Tendertec is harnessing the power of AI to deliver Care 4.0 - an ecosystem of tech-enabled, personalised and sustainable health and care services supporting vulnerable people and their circles of care around them to ensure quality of care and life for all.


Solution & Product

Our platform, CareBox, provides healthcare professionals and care organisations with the data driven and actionable insights they need to deliver tailored care at the right time and at the right place 24/7.
CareBox is an AI software that seamlessly assesses often missed behavioural data gathered effortlessly by a single non-wearable sensor which preserves user privacy and does not require any user engagement.

With our solution, healthcare providers can now monitor remotely a growing list of behaviours and vitals including body temperature trends, falls, daily and night activities. They can build the story that often gets missed outside care visits.

Innovation & Scalability

-Fit & Forget - does not require any user engagement to work effectively. No wearables, no badges of old age, no buttons, no unintelligent rules, no restrictions. -All in One - perform fall detection, activity and body temperature trend monitoring with a single room sensor.
-Vitals & Contactless – measure body temperature from up to three meters away, reducing direct contact and the risk of person-to-person transmission.
-Intelligent & Adaptive – generates verifiable data and personalised health and behavioural analytics enabling carers to add context to incidents, monitor symptoms and risk factors to improve outcomes for vulnerable people.
-Real Time Team Communication & Note Sharing -Easy Setup & Scalable– small sized discreet sensors that can be quickly mounted on any vertical surface and removed without changes or damage in infrastructure.
-Integration - connects to many other IoT and medical devices to provide users a single point of control and information window.

Traction & achievements

-Tech Development - CareBox TRL7/8 - SafePass TRL4 (COVID-19 Pivot)
-€75K+ Pilot Customer Revenue
-120 Live Nodes with Local authorities, residential and domiciliary care providers including seniors and people with learning disabilities.
-£218K SMARTCymru R&D Grant
-€400K Pre-Seed VC Investment
-€220K H2020 RIA Grant
-EIT Health & GE Healthcare 2018 “Disruptive Product” Award
-Vodafone 5G Dig Top 20 start-up
-TechNation Rising Star 2021 Regional Winner

Team & Why Us

Diverse and female led & majority remote team, highly results-oriented with broad background in building and deploying award-winning applications for government and private actors in digital healthcare, dementia management, safety and security.

Funding Needs

Raising Seed+/ Series A in Q2 2021 - Join us in our journey to shift the conversation from what is the matter with you to what matters to you.


Tendertec is bringing remote people-centred care to the world.



2019 - Pre Seed, VC EUR 400K, Metavallon VC



2021 - Funding HORIZON 2020 RIA Grant - SMILE project
2019 - Funding Welsh Government SMARTCymru R&D
2018 - Services EIT Health & GE Healthcare HVL Reactor