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TicketSeller is a startup in travel and tourism industry with the aim of democratising the Greek travel industry; that is why we created an innovative service for the Greek travel industry, the Independent Travel Agent. Having created the first generation of Independent Travel Agents we are ready to take advantage of the existing limited competition with the initial goal of eliminating unemployment in Greece. Our platform offers access to anyone who wants to have a career in tourism and earn income without dependent employment and without the cost and risk that would have if they open their own travel agency. This new service prevents brain drain by creating innovative jobs and utilises brain gain by implementing cooperation programs with Greeks who live and work abroad and they represent Greece worthily as they could become ambassadors of Greek tourism abroad.

Solution & Product

As a solution to the problem, TicketSeller platform is accessible by all digital means and enables the user and our Independent Travel Agents to organise a trip where the purpose will be to gain a complete travel package combined with medical treatments personalised on the customer's needs and wants. We offer a search engine that the user and the Independent Travel Agent with 4 simple steps searches and book travel and medical services. Also, with the Independent Travel Agent anyone has the opportunity with a small subscription to create a profit for themselves by organising travel packages for family & friends and their clients, regardless of their professional activity. Having already created a network of Independent Travel Agents where they give personalised solutions to the traveler as they build with him a relationship of trust and at the same time spreading the recognition & reputation of the company

Innovation & Scalability

The competition in the medical tourism business sector is not just about travel agencies but also other travel-related service providers. With Ticketseller platform it is now easier for a traveler to secure a doctor's appointment, book a hotel stay, book transfer and spectacle tickets, and rent a car before the trip from the comfort and safety of home with the help of the internet and the Independent Travel Agent. Our platform offers all this collectively in a minimum of time. Our value proposition and the great advantage that is our differentiation from our competitors lies mainly in the Independent Travel agents network which in combination with the personalised combined packages through the platform are configurable to the needs of each traveler.Through the network of Independent Travel Agents we get free access to a large commercial audience without high advertising costs since the Independent Travel Agent is an ambassador for TicketSeller. TicketSeller can attract at least 100,000 travellers each year for the next five years, generating revenues of over 400 million euros per year, can prevent brain drain by creating innovative jobs and exploit the brain drain by implementing partnership schemes with Greeks live and work abroad, who represent Greece worthily and could become ambassadors of Greek tourism abroad.

Traction & achievements

2018 Participation in the 84th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki with Digital Greece with our own booth, 2018-2019 Participation in the 7th cycle of the Business Accelerator of INNOVATHENS Creative Industries Vol. 3, 2019 - 2021 Inclusion in the self-employment promotion program through the financial support of business initiatives, 2020 Participation in the Athens Business Incubator of EVEA, 2020 We were awarded the best emerging online travel agency for Greece from the Acquisition International Business Excellence of Great Britain, 2019 EOT Certification, 2020 IATA Certification as an authorised agency and Partnerships with the largest suppliers of hotels, tours and activities in Greece and abroad, with GDS ferries, air and sea largest ferry and air and with a subsidiary of the Biomedical group. 2021 Independent Travel Agent Launch and we already have an initial network working as Independent Travel Agents 2021 We have been awarded as the best online travel agency for Greece by the Acquisition International Business Excellence of Great Britain 2021 Member of elevate Greece 2021-2022 Participation in the 9th cycle of egg-enter grow go program 2021 Interview about the service on and 2021 We have been awarded as Online Travel Agency of the year for Global awards 2021/2022 2021 Participation in the 85th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki with Elevate Greece with our own booth.

Team & Why Us

Giannis Milatos through his studies, many years of experience in large multinational companies in the tourism sector but also in other sectors in Greece and England with continuous training in digital marketing, participation in tourism conferences and voluntary action, has developed his skills. and has developed a unique perspective that helps him see business challenges differently, as well as find architecturally innovative and strategically linked solutions. Elena Gioti, having completed studies (Bachelor of Business Administration, postgraduate in Management and postgraduate training in UX Design) and work in England has gained theoretical and practical experience in the fields of tourism, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing and experience in web and application design. based on user experience. Has increased ability to conduct creative analysis, design optimal solutions for multifaceted campaigns

Funding Needs

At the present moment the company is bootstrapped and granted an initial fund. TicketSeller is seeking to raise a seed round in 2021.


Become an Independent Travel Agent/ Travel to Heal your body and soul


Elena Gioti
Elena Gioti, CoFounder
Giannis Milatos
Giannis Milatos, CoFounder


2021 - , Grant EUR 10, ESPA
2019 - Pre Seed, Grant EUR 18K, OAED



2021 - Services Acquisition International Business Excellence
2020 - Services Acquisition International Business Excellence


2021 - Program egg- enter grow go (9th cycle)
2020 - Program Athens Business Incubator of E.B.E.A.
2019 - Program Entrepreneurship Support Program of the Municipality of Kifissia
2019 - Program StartUp Now Forum 2019
2018 - Program Innovathens
2018 - Program SEED4BUSINESS



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